No-handed trust

It’s been just over two weeks without a job, and the fear is starting to kick in. I’ve had three serious interviews, but one was only for a per diem position and the other didn’t pan out. The third, with CCO, is still in process. However the fact that things aren’t sure yet bothers me. it’s unrealistic to expect a job so soon I know, but my unemployment is still not settled (I apparently haven’t worked anywhere) and my final paycheck hasn’t yet arrived. I had hoped those would have been resolved by now, so doubt is stealing the peace I had.

However I think that this is all still part of my own learning to trust God wholeheartedly. As a teen I would occasionally go on ropes courses with my youth group. The phrase you heard all the time was “let go of the rope!”, meaning the rope that connected you to the safety line overhead. Holding on to the rope made you feel more secure and was a purely instinctual reaction: “if I hold on to the rope I won’t fall”. However holding on to the rope also immobilized you as you couldn’t use your hands to move around or balance yourself. You had to trust that you weren’t going to fall even if you weren’t holding the rope – you had to let the rope hold you.

This is a hard task for anyone, especially those of us who are still struggling with confidence and trust in God, ourselves, or even those closest to us. Trusting God isn’t holding on to Him with both hands, hoping you won’t let to, it is trusting enough that he has you that I can let go with both hands.

4 thoughts on “No-handed trust

  1. Hi,

    I hate to hear about being fired. I was “let go” from a church position in 2008 and I know that it can sting. Still healing from that experience. Let me know how things turn out. Pray for God’s best for you!

    Be joyful always,
    Davon Huss

    • Davon-

      Thanks very much for your response! This was actually my second time being “let go”, first time was from a church and it hurt a lot more than this did. I’ve had several interviews and am hoping that one will turn up in my favor. I’ve been working on a website in the meantime and just finished it up, so if that’s God’s timing then I think a job is right around the corner!

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