Dyed, fried, laid to the side…and certified!

I passed my certification review on Monday! As I expected, it was nothing like what I expected. You can’t study for a review where three people can ask you anything they want for an hour.

Very thankful for my certification team and all your concerns, well-wishes and prayers!


4 thoughts on “Dyed, fried, laid to the side…and certified!

  1. Congratulations. I know the process is long and arduous. But, the investment of self into the journey is not wasted. Others will also benefit. Blessings and prayers for your continued journey. Tom

  2. My deepest congratulations to you! Thanks for sharing your journey. It had been helpful to me. The process of certification seems so daunting. And so it is. Certification seems like navigating deep waters that suddenly gets deeper.
    I do wish the process was easier to understand and do., but your sharing has helped. Thank you! Blessings

    • Agreed – but like many hard things once you’ve navigated the waters and reached the other side, you wonder what all the fuss was about. Thanks!

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