PBS to air documentary on Chaplaincy in America

photo: Journey Films

PBS is airing “Chaplains” later this year in order to show the benefit and impact of this occasionally misunderstood and often unknown profession. The film, by emmy-award winning filmmaker Martin Doblmeier will feature Chaplains working in a variety of settings, from prisons to hospitals to production floors.

From the Christian Post:

“The challenge of meeting a person where they are and not giving them your sense of faith, but helping them reconnect themselves to who they are, it is a really unique profession. I think this is long overdue,” Doblmeier said of the documentary before the screening. “It became really clear to me that we would have a chance to make a film to bring to light the work of people who deserve to be heralded in our society that hadn’t been done before. Chaplaincy is an ancient profession it goes back to the fourth century.”

The documentary will air on PBS’ Maryland affiliate, Maryland Public Television, at 8 p.m. Nov. 3 and will be screened in Atlanta for programmers to decide if they want to air the documentary on their stations. MPT Chief Content Officer Steve Schupak said at the screening that the goal is to get 350 programmers to air “Chaplains” across the country.

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