Chaplain certification: APC vs CPSP vs … both?

I wrote previously about how I had decided to choose certification through CPSP rather than APC/BCCI and gave a run down of the positives and negatives of both sides. However it occurred to me that I was looking at this decision as an either/or, where in actuality I think I can look at it as a both/and.

Both bodies, while they are typically seen as competing, actually complement each other very well. APC though it is more highly recognized lacks the strong local network of CPSP. Therefore it makes sense to join CPSP while at the same time pursuing APC accreditation.

Yes it is more work and more expense, however I think it will be worth it. Plus CPSP requires members to be productive so I’m still going to be writing verbatims, which can be applied toward my APC membership materials.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

I have my first CPSP meeting tomorrow and plan on posting a new verbatim up soon. Thanks everyone for reading!


After talking with folks on the CPSP side it seems that getting accreditation through both programs would be difficult given that ACPE and CPSP don’t seem to get along. From my vantage point it’s not as much an issue on the CPSP side, but rather from ACPE. So that puts a damper on things.

Plus after spending my money and time for CPSP certification, I’m not that eager to jump through ACPE’s hoops!


5 thoughts on “Chaplain certification: APC vs CPSP vs … both?

      • Splendid! I am glad to hear it. If you ever need anything in regards to understanding CPSP please let me know. I am a resource for you and anyone that follows your blog. I hope to meet you in person one day at an upcoming plenary or National Clinical Training Seminar (NCTS). – Scott +

      • It has been a couple of years since you made your certification choice. Do you still feel that CPSP is the best choice?
        Have you found financially sustainable employment with the certification you obtained from CPSP?

      • I think that CPSP was the best choice for me in terms of collegiality and support. If anything the collegial nature of CPSP, with its local group structure, has been the most beneficial to me. I haven’t really found a downside yet, as in I have never been turned away from a position because I was not certified by BCCI/APC. I had the fortune of already being employed when I sought out certification – for some time actually. On one hand that has made it difficult to say how much impact certification has had for me right now. I still find it valuable, but maybe not for the reasons others have.

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