Just an Update

I realized I haven’t kept this up at all, which is because I’ve been busy on a side project: faithworkslocal.org. It’s a bit to much to explain right now, but check it out and you’ll get the idea.

I’ve had several interviews and am waiting to hear back from them. Only one is with a hospice. I’m really wondering if I can do hospice work much longer, as it is very taxing and I’m enjoying not having to worry about a pager or what new emergency I’m going to face today.

I’m concerned about chaplaincy in general, as it seems that there is really not much out there in terms of positions. The positions that are open are highly sought after, and they are usually in hospice or other medical field.

I think I’ll post some of my CPE papers in the future so if anyone is going through CPE they can use them as a bit of a jumping off point.

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